NEET 2019: How Was The Question Paper

NEET 2019: How Was The Question Paper

National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test (NEET) concludes on Sunday. There was strong security in all the centers regarding the examination. Centers were created in Gaya apart from Patna. Examinations were held at Patna and 57 in Gaya in Patna. This time the questions are easier than 2018. Experts believe that all the questions in the three subjects were asked NCERT syllabus. There were questions from both the 11th and the 12th. There were 180 questions in Physics and Chemistry in a total of 180 questions and 90s from zoology. The question is expected to make the cutoff more likely to be easier.

Many candidates have not been able to get the exam from time to time due to lack of examination. 84 thousand 443 candidates were to be included from across the state. These were examinations of 52 thousand 420 in Patna centers and 32 thousand 23 candidates in Gaya. Nearly 10 percent of the candidates are not included in the examination. If the Co-Ordinator of NEET Bihar believes that the absence of students is seen at every center. Due to delays in the center, many students were denied admission due to the examination. An electronic lock was installed in all the boxes for the security of the papers. The GPS system was also installed. This resulted in complete monitoring of the question paper box. Before opening the box at the center, the NEET instructed all centers to download an app. The password is given after downloading the app This password was of the digits. With this password, all the central office-holders opened the electronic lock.

Know what the students said

The questions of physics were difficult. Many biological questions seem to be slightly curved. It took longer to answer biology. Many questions of physics were missed. – Rishita, the candidate.

There was excessive scrutiny at the center. We were scared of this but it was nice to see the question paper. Leaving physics, the question of biology and chemistry is easy to find. – Medha, the candidate.

The exam is fine The questions of biology were easy to see, but it was a bit difficult to solve. The questions in physics were also difficult. – Pranav, candidate

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