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15 Day Study Plan & Tips To Crack NEET 2018

NEET 2018 is 14 days away. CBSE would be conducting the NEET 2018 examination on May 6, 2018, across about 1426 examination centers for over 12 lakh candidates. The admit cards have been released on the official website With just 14 days left for the examination, experts have shared a 15-day study plan and tips to crack the medical entrance examination.

15 Day Study Plan & Tips to Crack NEET 2018

1. Start with detox – experts ask students to take a breather and relax before starting on the final stretch of the examination. It is important for students to relax and take a complete break from the studies for a while before starting afresh.

2. Attempt a sample paper every day for the next 10 days – Sample papers are crucial to cracking any competitive examinations. Experts highlight that the most important thing a candidate/ aspirant can do is focus on self-evaluation. The best way to do that is to attempt a sample paper every day. Students should focus on solving the papers in the given time slot under similar restrictions. Experts suggest students to start their days with a sample paper and then evaluate which areas they are not comfortable with.

3. Go through NCERT course-books for Class 11 and 12 for Biology, Chemistry, and Physics – the syllabus for NEET 2018 is based on the NCERT prescribed curriculum. While many students focus on competitive books, experts feel that carefully going through the NCERT books would help them score better in the competitive examinations. 

4. Adhere to a time-table – Discipline is the key and students must prepare a timetable and stick to it. Allocate days to each subject and thoroughly go through the parts that appear as problem areas in the sample papers for many.

5. Focus on revising the entire syllabus in the 5 days just before the exam and not attempt any sample papers then – Experts feel that in the last 4 or 5 days, students should go through their notes and try to revise the syllabus thoroughly. They ask students to focus more on physics and chemistry as compared to biology as the key to getting a competitive advantage is often with cracking physics and chemistry. Also, in chemistry, the focus should be more on organic chemistry.

In the end, experts believe that the key to success is not what students do in the days preceding the exams but the overall preparation of the year. However, it is important that students start with revising their concepts and focussing on the HOTS or higher order thinking skill questions as that would be the base of the competitive examination. And remember that there is negative marking. It is hence extremely important for students to be certain and not do guesswork. Times Now wishes all the students the best of luck. 

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