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Does RLS Residential Accommodation allow corporate executives to stay in its residential dwellings?

Yes, in some of our Residential Accommodations, we allow corporate executive to stay subject to the condition that they will stay for a minimum of 12 months.

Does RLS Residential Accommodation provide all types of meal?

RLS Residential Accommodation provides hygienically prepared Nutritious Vegetarian meals

Does RLS Residential Accommodation allow its residents to come at any time to property?

To maintain discipline and security, RLS Residential Accommodation have fixed time to close their entry gates. However, in case of exigency and on prior information / approval we do allow late entries.

Is RLS Residential Accommodation completely furnished?

Yes, our Residential Accommodations are furnished with well designed furniture and other facilities.

What type of demographic and background do RLS Residential Accommodation residents have?

Our residents basically include from universities, coaching institutes, professional colleges, medical institutes and young professionals, in the age group of 15-30, coming from different states of India. Our residents are either pursuing higher education, taking coaching for admission in reputed professional colleges, or working in corporates.

What are the rules and regulations of staying at the Residential Accommodations?

RLS residents have to follow residential dwellings rules and regulation as laid down by RLS Management. For details of rules and regulation, please refer to the our properties section.

I’m a property owner, how can I get my property listed on RLS?

Please contact RLS real estate acquisition team at info@renaissance-group.in

We hope that your queries have been addressed. If we’ve missed anything, please don’t hesitate to drop a line at info@renaissance-group.in